Our business activities in the M&A field entail that the study and review of numerous documents of start-ups, companies in need of financing, or companies up for sale are mandatory tasks of SLB Entreprises.

Furthermore, we maintain regular contact with investors or their representatives in Switzerland, who are looking for suitable investment opportunities in our country.

SLB Entreprises offers companies and investors, provided that they are interested in it, to be included in a database guided and anonymized by us.

Every person searching a partnership or a financing, or every person interested to invest in a firm, is invited to fill a form ad hoc. We confront then needs or interests expressed with our data bank. Assuming that a firm, a partnership or a funding appears to correspond to request, we signal him to the supplicant, at first in an anonymous way.

Upon request and after signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) by the parties involved, we organise a meeting between the investors and the company according to our conditions for M&A services (see corresponding paragraph).

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